Thursday, June 26, 2008

We are heading to Atlanta!!!

We are heading to Atlanta tomorrow for a much needed break from here! We are excited because we haven't been before and we plan on doing several cool things while we are there. I will post pictures when we come back!

In others news, look for exciting news about Jen to be posted next week sometime. No people...I'm not pregnant! Also, Mom and Dad made it home safe from their trip overseas so that's great news. On the baby front... we have everything but the baby! :) Our last two interviews are this month so keep us in your thoughts and prayers!

I will post some pictures from our trip soon! Hope you all are healthy and happy!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

How will I be used?

Blessed are the available.
Blessed are the conduits, the tunnels, the tools.
Deliriously joyful are the ones who believe that if
God has used sticks and rocks to do His will,
Then He can use us.

* On the front of a card I found a long time ago at Lifeway. I've always liked it and I think about it often as I am pondering God's purpose for my I have been doing lately.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Must Watch!!!!

I was reading Alison Bynum's blog as I do everyday and was looking among the pages of those on her blog roll and found this. Please watch the cardboard testimonies video clip at! If you feel compelled...leave your cardboard testimony as a comment on our blog and wintess to other's what Christ has done for you! I hope you love it as much as I do. I would love to do this at our church!!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Weekend Baby Drills!

This weekend Mommy and I got lots of new stuff! Let's see....Mommy got a really comfy glider and ottoman and the cutest diaper bag from Babies R' Us. Mommy really likes it because the outside has a plastic covering to protect it from things like dirt, grime, poo, spit-up, etc! Plus it's pink and mommy likes pink. If I'm a boy than it's okay because I am not carrying it...mommy is!

I also got a CD player to listen to music that mommy is going to try to use to lure me to sleep. Mommy thinks it will work because she tried it out. (Mommy sat in the rocker Friday night with the night light on staring into my crib just thinking about me. She was testing out the CD player and the music and she rocked herself right to sleep.) I got a cute polka dot boppy for floor time and some new stuffed toys. Last but not least, I got a car seat & stroller combo.

Since Mommy & Daddy haven't dealt with strollers and car seats in a LONG time they decided to have baby drills. They practiced with one of my teddy bears! They made up scenarios and buckled me, unbuckled me, put me in the stroller with the seat, broke it down, etc! They did a great job and I didn't even get dumped out one time. Now they have to practice putting my seat in the car and Aunt Ashley's going to check it out to make sure I'll be riding safely.

By the way...don't feel sorry for Daddy...he got something too...a brand new shiny computer for his studies!!!!!


Jacob or Ryleigh (I'm a surprise!)

P.S. Mommy and Daddy have their joint interview with our social worker, Carolyn, this Thursday. Mommy has a job interview Friday, too! Be thinking of her, please!