Monday, November 17, 2008

Long posts's been a long time since I have posted. (It's know David does not post!) I have thought about my lonely little blog many times but I have not had any inspiration to write. I have been sick off and on for a few weeks. It's seems like alot of people have had this lung funk and I have got it. I feel like things are just the same old same old. I am getting excited about the holidays but I'm sort of in a weird rut.

The closer we get to the holidays the more I am bothered by our empty nursery. Why is it that when you are missing somebody it is worse during the holidays? We went to New Friends Dinner with our agency a few weeks ago and one of the couples that started our class with us were there with their new baby. I'm happy for them but sad for us. Don't get me wrong...we have only been officially waiting for 2.5 months but I am missing baby. We also met new friends (no pun intended) that have been waiting for 13 months! Oh my....I will be worth nothing if our wait is similar. I know God has a plan but I am impatient.

I'm going to wrap it up...I'm ready for bed. I will try not to be a stranger in the future... :)