Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Busy! Busy!

Well folks! This Friday will put me right at 36 weeks so we are getting close to "go" time! My pregnancy is going great but I am getting pretty tired! There is nothing in the whole world like having the honor of carrying around a human being inside your body! My Lil' Man is a busy boy...always wriggling around and squirming to get my attention! Okay...probably to get comfortable! From looking at my belly I would imagine things are getting tight in there!

I think we are officially ready! We even have our bags packed! However, I am still undecided on his coming home outfit. I picked two things out but I am not sure about either of them! He has more clothes than his mommy and daddy and we have three showers in the next two weeks and two to follow after he is born! Amazing! I told David last night that I can't believe how many people love our little guy already!

I just keep having this recurring thought that God is soooooooo faithful. It's more so than I ever even believed. It's not like my heart knew it but my head didn't get it. I mean I just didn't know the depth. I think of all the many things He has done to protect me during my pregnancy...the financial things that He worked out for us the last few is incredible!

I like what I call word art and during the last few years I have incorporated lots onf things into my home that have the word "believe" on them. I just thought that if I would keep believing then one day I would be a mommy. Truth be told - I had lost my faith and maybe only halfway believed. David and I were so taxed emotionally from the roller coaster of adoptions and potential placements that we had basically decided we would give it up if it didn't happen by September. We decided we could live with not being parents afterall! Little did we know what was in store!

I absolutely can't wait to me my son and introduce Him to all of you, too! :)