Thursday, April 22, 2010

Starting to feel pregnant...31 weeks and counting

Other than my ever expanding waistline and the need to take somebody down for a milkshake...I am starting to have other symptoms! I looked down last night and my ankles were swollen! This morning I was dizzy as bat! Funny...I guess my body said, "Well, since you know you are pregnant, let's start acting like it!"

Baby boy is very active and David and I are getting the biggest kick out of feeling him move around! You can actually see my whole belly move through my shirt! It is the most amazing feeling to feel him move around in there and also very strange! I think he is working on mastering the log roll roll this week!

I keep walking by the refrigerator and seeing his sweet face from my ultrasound picture and I am in disbelief that I have a human growing inside me! I never dreamed in a million years that this would ever happen and it is still sinking in slowly! I will post some picture of my belly and of his little face sometime later this week!

I had a surprise shower yesterday with a group of ladies I work with and it was surreal to open baby gifts! Especially for my own little man growing right inside me! He got lots of great things and I have managed to get my thank you notes written already!

David and I are now on the countdown to getting all of our household things done that need to happen before baby boy gets here. We made a list and are trying to accomplish a little each day! Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers that everything keeps going smoothly!

I am probably going to move to another blog and keep this one behind. The title needs to change although this little man is part of our story on the road to adoption. I am perplexed because I have so many thoughts and feelings wrapped up here that I don't know what to do. Keep this blog or start anew. Still pondering...


Julie said...

Jennifer and David, I haven't checked out your page in months and don't know why I did today. Your news made me cry! I've followed along with your story here and there. I've told friends that I'd found a couple online who were trying to adopt and how sad it was that you weren't getting a baby when others were. Not to mention those having babies who are not capable of taking care of them, etc. I've prayed for you many times in the last two years. You two having your own baby makes me certain that prayers are answered! Good luck to your little family! Hope all goes well and I'll look forward to seeing photos of your baby boy!

TXMom2B said...

I hear you about the blog name change. I'm actually going to change the name of our blog once Rachel comes, since the blog will no longer be just about adoption, although I'm still going to focus on adoption issues and keep the pregnancy posting to a minimum. That's me, though, and only since we have adopted a child.

gavin richardson said...

just change the name of the blog, the url of the blog is perfect.

did i tell you that we're stoked for yall? well, we are. love, richardson

btw: i'm checking in with this at 131am.. there is a reason for that. &:~)