Sunday, October 19, 2008

SICK! SICK, I Tell You!

Okay... So I am experiencing my usual fall sickness. It's like clockwork that I will be miserable at least twice between October and mid January. I don't know what it is about those few months but I tell you it leaves me feeling yucky everytime. So, today I would love to be at church. David is there right now singing his heart out at a casual benefit concert to help pay for Christmas Cantata. Where am I you ask? Home. I did get in the shower and put on fresh jammies but that's all the energy I could summon. I made it out yesterday to buy some things that needed to go to church today but that wiped me out. You see...I have bad lungs in the sense that every head cold I get ends up there and since I also suffer from asthma it makes a nasty combination. Walking across the house feels like running a marathon. However, my mind is just going non-stop so I have to channel some energy. Since I have not posted in a while I thought I would catch up while I hold down the couch.