Friday, January 23, 2009

So you are out there...

Hello people...and a big shout out to all my new friends that have been reading the blog. You all are funny people. You read for months but never say hi and just when I think nobody is out there listening you leave me the sweetest comments! You guys are awesome! Your just like me..a lurker... I read blogs but never comment! LOL! What a funny thing we have in common.

So, no baby related things happening to tell you about. The only thing going on is at work. it's a terrible mess as usual. The admin needs a total overhaul! It's so true that you should be careful what you pray for because God just might answer. I prayed that I would recieve the promotion I got in July but now, most days, I think supervising is for the birds! I love my staff but the admin is awful!!! Oh well, I am just thankful to have a job in these hard times and I shall hush complaining.

David is in the study mode as he is preparing to take his CPA exam. I am trying to learn to be quiet so he can study. The two hours a night where I sit around alone and try to be quiet is difficult for me. I don't like hanging out by myself much. Maybe I should write my autobiography! Anybody interested in my life story? LOL!probably not although it is soap opera-ish! Could be good!

Bella got a new doggie bed today. I will have to take pictures for you. It actually matches my recliner so we can lounge beside each other and look stylish at the same time! I need to get to bed because I have a long day tomorrow! God bless you all..lurkers included...peace be with you and have a safe weekend!


gavin richardson said...

its why i never applied for an admin job there. that whole paperwork thing was a deal breaker &:~D

your story would make a good book. oprah can have it for her book club cause its actually true.