Saturday, November 21, 2009

Joy comes in the morning....

Well...after a crazy day yesterday I am glad to wake up today satisfied with our decision and feeling good about it! I was talking to David yesterday on the way home and we were discussing how this adoption process makes us feel heavy. It feels like you are always waiting for something to happen, always carrying something around on your back like a weight. It's hard to describe but I am sure those of you who are reading and waiting know exactly what I mean. Anyway, today I feel joyful and a little bit lighter than yesterday! So for that I am relieved. It's off to the start of a busy Saturday for me! I thank each of you for reading and posting and making me feel like I didn't make a poor decision!


H said...

Yes, that weight is always present, sometimes heavier than others. But your attitude is good to hear....enjoy your Saturday! Isn't this weather gorgeous?:)

Melba said...

I am SO this way too! My best and worst emotions always happen in the morning hours.

So glad you are still feeling peaceful about the decision you made. You are in my thoughts!