Wednesday, July 23, 2008

David's Last Interview

Well...tomorrow is David's final interview with Bethany. After that we should be ready for our home visit! I absolutely cannot wait!!!! David's been baby-proofing some outlets and we still have to do cabinets in some places. The outlet covers are somewhat adult proof, too! We have done some of the plug covers and some modified switch plate types where you put the plug in at an angle and have to physically turn it to make contact with the outlet. I like these as they are more fingernail friendly!

Speaking of David - he is outside at this late hour changing the oil in my car! What a good catch he is!!! I do so love him! :)

Please be praying for us as we make some final tough decisions regarding our level of openness in the adoption. We are trying hard not to get in the way of God's plan for our lives!