Sunday, July 20, 2008

My "interview" with Carolyn

As many of you have read or heard, Carolyn is our social worker at Bethany Christian Services. From the first time I laid my eyes on her I liked her. I respected her instantly. Since then I have actually gotten to know this wonderful lady. I have talked with her in large groups, small groups, with David and alone. But my talk with her Wednesday was the best.

She said many things that stood out to me and I am amazed how God used our time together to minister to me. One of the things we discussed was my lack of a relationship with God when I was "growing up." We didn't go to church and we were not a very religious or spiritual family. Carolyn and I talked about "my story." We talked about huge turning points for me, losses I have experienced and the road that has lead me to here. We talked about where God was at those times. In my mind - He was absent - I didn't know Him or have a relationship with Him then.

Then Carolyn said a few things that I won't soon forget. One of the things she said was "God never wastes anything." Profound at this point in my life as I sit back and look at all the things I have lost, things that were horrible, things I should not have to experience, and things I never thought would serve a purpose for my life. At times I remember feeling like God was punishing me. But she's right...every experience has a place in my life and shaped me for today. "God never waste's anything." I like simple but oh so profound for me. Ponder that one - would you?

She also said to me that "God has always been faithful" to me even though I didn't know Him at the time. God was everywhere with me always - shaping me, teaching me...not wasting one moment. I've been thinking about this every since she said it.

Lastly, she said that my story inspired her. To that...I am humbled. I don't think of my life as "my story" but I guess it is just that...a story. I humbly and anxiously await for God as He continues writing the next chapter.

Thanks,Carolyn for ministering to me through our interview. Thanks to Bethany for this whole process...long though it may be.