Sunday, September 7, 2008

Calling all Moms!

Okay...I need opinions. Give me the scoop on what you think about the following:

Diapers: What brand? Store brand or generic?
Wipes: What brand?
Formula: Brand name or generic?
Pacifiers: What brand?

I know each of you may have a different answer but I am going for a concensus here. Please give me your opinion. There are so many to choose from and I want to know what you have used, liked, didn't care for, etc. Thanks in advance!


Alison B. said...

Diapers: We were brand loyal to Pampers and gave them way too much of our money for the first year of Norah's life. She started peeing out of Pampers Cruisers overnight at around a year and we started experimenting with other brands. I found that the cheap White Cloud brand (found at WalMart) works best for us and now that is all we buy. It's like $16 for a box of 92 - a good 10 bucks cheaper than Pampers. I wish I had given them a shot sooner.

Wipes: I LOVE Wal-Mart's Parents Choice Organic Cotton Wipes. They are in a green package. The other Parents Choice varieties are not as good. Something about the organic cotton. Even though it's organic cotton, it's still cheaper than brand name wipes. We buy the bulk packages too. Huggies has the best wipes container, and I am sure you'll get some at a shower. Keep them (they are plastic with a rubber dispenser - you'll see what I mean eventually) and refill them with the generic wipes and you'll be very satisfied.

Pacifiers/Bottles - we were big Avent fans.

Also highly recommend a "Miracle Blanket" swaddling blanket. Search for it on Amazon. Does not have velcro, just a pocket for the feet then a long strip of blanket to wrap around and around. Works like a charm.

David & Jennifer said...

Thanks, Alison! That's great advice and I will definitely take note. Were you as excited to buy diapers as I am right now when you were waiting? :) To me even diaper shopping is exciting!