Sunday, May 4, 2008

Alternators, New Clothes & Cakes

Well, today we have been busy! This afternoon we took on the task on trying to fix our Altima. A few weeks ago it started dying on us in the middle of driving! Not good! Not safe! So after some consultations with "motor heads" we decided it was the battery and alternator. We took the battery in for testing - YEP - it was bad. It was under warranty so we got a free battery! YEAH for warranties! So we proceeded to take the alternator off so we could take it to be tested. So we struggled and finally got it off to find out - it's perfectly fine! Errrr! Anyway that was that. The car is up and running and I'm so happy. It's my baby - my car!
We then went to the car wash and we cleaned it out. That was good because I had some french fries under the seat that I couldn't reach with my hands! Gross - I know!

I also got some new clothes today and a couple of pieces yesterday. My clothes from last year are not in great shape, plus I have an interview Thursday so I needed something nice to wear for that. Mission accomplished - found something.

Lastly, we went to Publix to pick up a cake for a friends wedding shower. It turned out really pretty so I was glad about that!

David is busily studying for his CPA exam! Keep him in your prayers!