Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Long sigh.....long day. It is fast approaching ten o'clock and I am unusaully tired. Today has been really busy but I need to stay up a little while to get some laundry done. So to keep me going I am snacking on my latest favorite thing - JELLY BELLY Jelly Beans. Odd because I have never considered myself a jelly been fan. However, we went to Publix and I found the aisle where you can choose your bag of flavors and all the colors called my name. So I got some and I am so loving them. My favorite flavor so far is Berry Blue...just so you know. I would also like to recommend you try Stacy's pita chips if you have not tried those. Texarkana hot is a goof flavor and so is Parmesean & Herb but Cinnamon Sugar ROCKS!!!!

So today we met with Bethany's infertility counselor, Sheryl. She was awesome. I had to say that I wasn't looking forward to the opportunity to talk with her. Talking about being a fertility failure isn't much fun and infertility is ugly. It causes you to think irrationally and creates a ton of stress in the marriage. It's like a constant fight to control "mother nature." But I really enjoyed talking with her and she had alot of helpful information so I am glad that we were required to do that.

A few hours after that we returned to Bethany for our Play Group meeting. I just stand in awe of what God has created in the way of families. The way people have come to be the parents they have dreamed of being, the children all so happy and healthy. It was so neat to just sit back and observe all that God has done. It's always amazing to realize that this is real..it's really happening. It's not just about David and Jennifer anymore. We are just about to grow our family.

So...we are at the end of the process. We have 3 interviews with our case worker and then our home visit. After that we await our homestudy approval and will be eligible to have our profile shown. It is my hope that you will continue to be in prayer with us and we thank all of you for sharing our story! I look so forward to the day when we can all join together to celebrate the homecoming of our baby!


Alison B. said...

it was good to see y'all, though i didn't get to do a ton of talking since miss norah is so busy these days. it is amazing to see how god has shaped these families. and funny to see so many girls. you always hear that boys are most common in domestic adoptions...and then in that room tonight with 4 girls and 1 boy i found it ironic.

i love sheryl to death! she was wonderful to us too.

hang in there - this is happening and its going to be great!