Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dog Tired! Strawberries! Small Towns!

This is a picture of my first baby, Bella, for those of you that haven't met her. I got her as a graduation present 8 years ago in August. She is our little butterball and she's quite moody. We don't dare dress her because that would be the ultimate insult to her personality. She is not fru-fru like Roxie.

Anyways....I found this picture of Belle Belle on the computer and I thought....that pretty much looks how I feel tonight. David and I are exhausted!! How is it possible that tomorrow is only Thursday?? It's been a busy week already.

This week is Strawberry Festival in Portland - a great reason to live here - you guys should come up this weekend and enjoy our little small town. Oops...think that's like a double negative. Watch out for us to make news. We are trying to break the record for the largest strawberry shortcake. It's going to be 315 feet long!!!! YUMMY!

Tonight was community choir night and the music was great! I love the small town life even if people do go thru Arby's drive-thru on their lawnmowers! (TRUE STORY!)