Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend 08

David and I traveled to Memphis this weekend to see his grandmother and visit with family. We had a very busy weekend! There were lots of trips back and forth to the Memphis Jewish Home where grandmother is working on her recovery and lots of eating.
David's sister, Alicia and I discussed how hard it was to come up with things to talk about with Grandmother. It's funny how the dynamics change when you take people out of their "natural" environment. So we pray for Grandmother and continue to wish her well on the road to recovery.

Meet the sweetest lady you'll ever meet...Grandmother Baird!

David's Dad, Lowell and our niece, T.G.

Left to right...Gina, T.G. and Alicia (Sean's wife and David's sister)

The fountain and pond outside the Memphis Jewish Home

David's mom, Sondra and Grandmother blowing out their birthday candles! We celebrated 7 or 8 different things over the weekend! WHEW!