Friday, March 28, 2008


Well, we have finally made it to Friday! This week was our big finish in the adoption process so far. We turned in the giant paperwork pack! WOW! I often wonder if that packet serves as a weed out for some people. Now I'm not saying that alot of information should not be required from the adoptive couple. It should be! Our agency has a giant moral and ethical obligation in "screening" those that would be good parents but I can seem some people bailing out of the process trying to find an "easier" agency. We never thought about it becasue we lover Bethany so much but I am sure it happens. So yes...the big news we are finished with our part. Now comes the hard part of waiting on the next steps to be completed.
I believe our letters of reference went out this week or at least they told us they would send them out to folks Tuesday or Wednesday. (We dropped off the packet and our profiles on Monday.) So now we wait for our peeps to send their refererence letters back in to Bethany. I am finding this part difficult becasue it is out of my hands - not that it is totally ever in our hands - but there isn't anything I can control in the process. When we were doing our part there were documents to manage, appointments to make, self studies to write and profiles to put together. Now there isn't anything I can do - just wait. Sometimes I think God must be using this experience to teach me a lesson in patience which I'm not very good with. So God - I'm taking notes! :) I'm starting to get it! :)
So now the anticipation builds. There are little things to do like decide on a rocker for the nursery, baby proofing and a little basket of baby laundry to wash and put away. By the you realize how small baby socks are???? It is amazing!!!! Hey.....we bought our first package of diapers this week! Yeah! That was fun! Ithought about taking a picture for the blog but I will save that for the lifebook. Plus the dog at the top of this entry better suits my mood today! Which will lead me into my next paragraph....
I am dog tired. Monday was the big day this week and it seems like there were 500 days in between Monday and today. I have developed a little illness this week which I think it is allergy related. I think it is all those stinky Bradford Pears in full bloom. My nose is stuffy, the throat is sore and the wheezing is nuts which is making my asthma haywire. I have used my inhaler lots this week and that stuff makes you all jittery. Today I presented at a conference. I loved my topic but my group was so rowdy! We were in this big cave of a room and I had a huge crowd which I didn't anticipate. It was unheard of for this conference and people strolled in late and got me out of the groove. People were very disrespectful...talking while I was talking, the people in the back couldn't hear and one lady in the bag was all but snoring. Anyway...because people couldn't hear I had to break out the mean teacher voice because asking politely was ineffective! glad that is over with! I have to work the next two weekend and then it is wedding time for our supervisor at work. She is leaving us and heading to Texas! Whew! Lots going on and I am - as te caption reads- dog tired! Well, David has fixed me a grilled cheese and some soup so I better get going. Hope everybody is well. Grace and peace to each of you! By the way...not taking the time to spell and grammar check - David is calling and my grilled cheese is getting cold!