Monday, March 24, 2008

Reflections on an empty crib

Today is Easter Sunday. (or it was - it's technically early Monday!) Mom and Dad came up for lunch after their church service and we just visited for a little while. I had turned on the lamp in the nursery earlier as they were going in for a peek. So tonight after they had long been gone I went in to turn the light out. I passed the crib on my way to the lamp but stopped and thought for a moment. I wonder and I hope that this is our last Easter alone.

I pondered if next year, at this time, our child would be sleeping in his/her crib. Will we have a baby girl that was photographed over and over in her first Easter dress? Will we have a little boy in Gap Khaki's and a sweater vest? :) How old will they be? How will our lives be different? Or will we still be waiting at this time next year? Only God knows. I ask that you would be in prayer for us especially now. We turn in all of our paperwork tomorrow to our agency. Then the wait begins... Happy Easter to you all.