Tuesday, March 25, 2008

In HIS Words...It is FINISHED!!! :)

I have to say that this has been a wild, stressful, self analyzing, wonderful journey! Today Jennifer and I submitted our formal application and our profiles. We were told today that normally the profiles aren't turned in until the home visit but we wanted to be finished with all we had to do. Now we are just waiting for the references letters to be returned and our application's final approval. I'm sitting just anticipating that approval and then knowing we are available for birth mothers to review our profile. Jennifer said it well..."It is FINISHED." There is nothing else that we can to do.

I just wanted to note that something I've heard is so true. Several people have said that if biological parents had to go through the checks and answers the detailed questions that we have had to answer then many babies wouldn't have gone home. I'm thankful for this journey and I look forward to the wait and pray that it won't be a long one. I know that everything will happen in His time.